Gold Town Burlesque

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Amber Fox


Amethyst Skye

Amethyst Skye - A woman with no origin or destination, but rather a manifestation of the celebration of life and all of it’s wonders. She dances to honor the magnificence of creation and joy, of sensual play, laugher, and creativity. Upon a deep night, when the stars align, she appears from beneath the forest canopy and moves in rhythm with the heart beat of the universe. Aligned with the practices of elemental alchemy she manipulates fire and air to create visceral paintings that can be witnessed only by those willing to give up their sense of time and exist in the stillness of the moment. Through devotional teaching passed down through out time she moves her body like the sea serpents living deep beneath the clear waters of the Mediterranean seas, inviting all witnesses to connect with their primal instincts.

Gemma Pearl

Gemma Pearl has a mysterious origin; However her qualities rule superior in the same ways of the precious Sea Gem we all know: the luminous pearl. Seagem pearls are known for their self nurturing ways by how they are birthed into this world; the same way this Gemma Pearl nurtured herself into being. From centuries worth of passed down legends, some say Gemma pearl’s father was a god, obsessed with creating treasure’s with his masculinity. They say her mother was a witch; a goddess of the moon, who delivered Gemma to the ocean shore under a full moon. Gemma was found on the beach during this full moon cycle-- in a treasure chest filled with other precious gems and pearls. Gemma took on both traits of her parents- masculine and feminine; creating a wholeness & balance in everything she does. Throughout grace and time, her first words were songs; her first steps were an array of dance moves. Going through the ebb and flow of life she learned to be a ‘jane of all trades’- picking up a guitar, practicing many different forms of dance, and became an Aerial performance artist that shocks all in awe. The creative flow is the only way to go and reigns high for the elegance and beauty of a pearl like Gemma. She’s crafted these many special talents from being a practicing witch; a mystical sorceress; and a perfect reflection of the goddess. Her intuitive abilities come from the inner depths of her spirit- she knows just what you need to have a pearly good time. With one move, with one song, with one look she can seduce both men & women, and is worshiped by creatures all around land and sea. Ruled by the Moon & water, she receives guidance from the divine- enhancing her loyalty, truth and serenity; She is the spiritual token of femininity and helps everyone around connect and obtain the ultimate feminine energy through her performing arts and dance. Her integrity, faith and charity is reflected on to all that come watch her play. So come out to see Gemma Pearl perform her acts, to be enchanted and lured in- to be seduced and put into a trance state of zen. Miss Gemma- with a pearl’s absorbing nature- is sure to nurture your spirit, and heal your you rediscover the magick of a creative, fun and sexy good time!

IG:  livinginthemoment13


Moxie Moonstone

She embodies a duality of light and shadow, a perfection on the edge of human understanding. Shrouded in mystery, she changes shape, from luminescent orb to a mere sliver. Cast in a seductive shadow, she follows the path of the stars. Within this eternal flux, her soul remains constant, a perfect balance of darkness and light in always shifting proportions. Glimmering forth from behind an opaque pearly veil, this maiden from the sky enchants those who gaze upon her, as she imparts her beyond earthly gifts upon them. She leaves her audience dazed, in awe with what the darkness can bring them.

Nova Jet

Nova Jet is a being made from smoke, shadows, and stardust. She descended from outer space shrouded in a silky cloak of raven feathers. She saw humans playing with fire from up above and came down from the heavens, drawn to the flickering flame. However, human life befuddles her and she spends her time dancing, painting and playing with fire deep in nature amongst the deer and foxes. If you are lucky you can catch her out playing with her Gold Town sisters. Her otherworldly origins are apparent as she moves-she hypothesis all who dare gaze at her. Her beauty is fierce, striking and unforgettable.

Ruby Lava

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