Gold Town Burlesque

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Gemma Pearl

Gemma Pearls origins are a mystery. Some say her father was a pirate, obsessed with gold and always searching for buried treasures. Others say she is the daughter of Selene, a beautiful moon goddess who floated to Gold Town on a rainbow cloud. Gemma Pearl was found on the beach, during a full moon, in a treasure chest full of precious gems and pearls. Her first words were songs and her first steps were dance moves. Gemma Pearl entrances and seduces men and women with one glance and is worshiped by creatures from       all over the universe.

Emerald Embers

Just like magic, Emerald arose from the last faintly flickering sparks of a flame like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Her hypnotic and fierce energy entrances all who gaze her way. She is a sassy and seductive siren of dance who will capture your heart and never let it go. Like a dragon, Emerald manipulates fire and will always leave you wanting more. This is a treasure you will never forget especially since she leaves a trail of glitter behind her everywhere she goes.

Sapphire Serpent

The great god of creation's mouth hung down in awe as his best creation yet stood in front of him. With the scales of a snake, but the body of an enchantress, her eyes of deep blue told the god exactly who she was... Sapphire Serpent. Normally the god would make it’s paths for his creations, however, Sapphire slithered her way up to him. Her eyes fixated on his, flickering back and forth as if to signify the flame inside her heart, the God became powerless. He bowed down to Sapphire, as every other man who crossed her path from that point on has done. Sapphire still slithers around to this day with the other beautiful gems, but be weary of her fiery gaze as it has never be known to fail to capture your heart.

Tigers Eye


Born in the mystical jungles from a far away land. Tigers Eye was gifted with animal spirit. Pouncing and playing were her favorite activities. One day a tropical storm came in and pulled her away from the animal kingdom. Tigers Eye was washed ashore and found on the north coast of California. She shed her tiger skins and reveled her human body, with the eye of the tiger still imprinted on her face. The animal spirit still inside her, led Tigers Eye to her tribe, the goddesses of Gold Town Burlesque.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is known to be a mermaid originating from Lumeria. Some extraterrestrials brought her to earth to spread inspiration and healing. She met Lenny the Bigfoot in Humboldt and traveled around the world with the Freelove circus tribe, where she entered the world of sideshow by mastering the element of eating fire. One day upon meeting a magic Moose, who had green malachite and sparkly horns, he led her on an adventure to the sparkling sea and they encountered Gemma Pearl. Gemma taught Rose a snaky dance and how to shed her skin off until she become a powerful dancing warrior. Rose Gold is a rare gem, who is also a bit of a shape shifter with psychic abilities that will draw in audiences near and far. Rose Gold loves to have fun playing around dancing to her                                                                           heart's desire!

Tottie Wolff

In the late 1940s, America’s top illustrators were frantically at work trying to draw the perfect woman for a new line of lingerie. “The more beautiful the lady, the higher our bottom line!” was the their motto. One day, after months of persistent effort, the top illustrator succeeded. He drew the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Upon applying the last brushstroke, he instantly fell in love. After searching high and low through the black magic markets of Manhattan, he eventually encountered an illegal (and highly dangerous) procedure to bring his drawing to life. At the moment Tottie Wolff came into existence, her illustrator proposed. Tottie, in love only with rhinestones, feathers and a well made daiquiri, declined the proposal and moved to California in search of her independence. She instantly was inspired to dance burlesque and has never looked back. Tottie has been performing burlesque in Santa Cruz, California for two years. Still a blossoming artist, sure to reach great successes, she becomes more inspired everyday to come up with bigger and better acts. With props ranging from an extra head on her shoulder to a 4’ tall tiki mug, Tottie Wolff loves to make you howl.

Lunette Moonstone

Lunette Moonstone is truly a wild and free spirit. This radiant gem was born under an opalescent full moon on a warm midsummers night in the enchanted forest of Gold Town. As a moon maiden, Lunette can be gentle and sweet like the satin petals of magnolia, yet fierce and bold like the untamable mountain lion who always stands her ground. For pleasure, Lunette enjoys basking in the diamond flame of the full moon, picking luscious berries in the depths of the forest, bathing in the sacred pools of Gold Town’s precious river, and of course, dancing with her magical gem sisters. When performing, Lunette’s sultry and tantalizing movement evokes sensuality and playfulness from her watchers, while inflaming them with feelings of inner warmth and tingling lust.

Ivy Labradorite

Ivy Labradorite bloomed from the ground one spring morning and never stopped twisting her way around the world. Her passion for performance wound around her life like wild vines and settled within her like stone. Her primal soul is lined with fire and dance which radiates towards the glittering skies when she is on stage. Discovered by a band of glamorous gems, Ivy joined them in a world that would never try to tame her wild ways. Her fiery heart isn’t shared by many, but once you catch a glimpse of her she will coil in and around you like no one you have met before

Honey Opal

Smokin' Quartz

Penelope Peridot

Polly Onyx

Ruby Fox