Gold Town Burlesque

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Amber Fox


Citrina Ticaliciouss


Gemma Pearl

Gemma Pearl has a mysterious origin; However her qualities rule superior in the same ways of the precious Sea Gem we all know: the luminous pearl. Seagem pearls are known for their self nurturing ways by how they are birthed into this world; the same way this Gemma Pearl nurtured herself into being. From centuries worth of passed down legends, some say Gemma pearl’s father was a god, obsessed with creating treasure’s with his masculinity. They say her mother was a witch; a goddess of the moon, who delivered Gemma to the ocean shore under a full moon. Gemma was found on the beach during this full moon cycle-- in a treasure chest filled with other precious gems and pearls. Gemma took on both traits of her parents- masculine and feminine; creating a wholeness & balance in everything she does. Throughout grace and time, her first words were songs; her first steps were an array of dance moves. Going through the ebb and flow of life she learned to be a ‘jane of all trades’- picking up a guitar, practicing many different forms of dance, and became an Aerial performance artist that shocks all in awe. The creative flow is the only way to go and reigns high for the elegance and beauty of a pearl like Gemma. She’s crafted these many special talents from being a practicing witch; a mystical sorceress; and a perfect reflection of the goddess. Her intuitive abilities come from the inner depths of her spirit- she knows just what you need to have a pearly good time. With one move, with one song, with one look she can seduce both men & women, and is worshiped by creatures all around land and sea. Ruled by the Moon & water, she receives guidance from the divine- enhancing her loyalty, truth and serenity; She is the spiritual token of femininity and helps everyone around connect and obtain the ultimate feminine energy through her performing arts and dance. Her integrity, faith and charity is reflected on to all that come watch her play. So come out to see Gemma Pearl perform her acts, to be enchanted and lured in- to be seduced and put into a trance state of zen. Miss Gemma- with a pearl’s absorbing nature- is sure to nurture your spirit, and heal your you rediscover the magick of a creative, fun and sexy good time!

IG:  livinginthemoment13


 Molly Moon Covellite

Like a covellite gemstone, Molly Moon voyages into the uncharted realms of the unconscious mind and hacks into the Akashic records, where she channels Source energy and receives insight and guidance from her wise ancestors throughout time. She embraces the exquisite beauty of life, even it’s dark shadow. Molly Moon is a powerful sorceress; a psychedelic trickster and clairvoyant alchemist. Above all, she is a practicing witch— who will lure you in with her seductive play, placing an enchanting spell on all who comes her way. The high intensity of energy that she channels is expressed on stage through ecstatic, free flow dance performance, improvisation, and fire spinning. The fire that once burned her (in a past life as a witch) is now the fire that ignites her spirit with the power of LOVE. She’s a Gold Town gem that arose from the fires, and transforms darkness into lit-up druzies and opens hearts. Molly Moon expands minds— just like a shamanic journey— and she will help you to remember the magick running through your veins. So come out and play with Ms. Covellite, and let her turn your night into laughter, as you befriend the darkness.

Moxie Moonstone


Opal Del Sol

Opal Del Sol was not always a maiden of the sun. She started out as a moonbeam, illuminating midnight truths and early morning secrets. One night, she was dancing under the stars. It was a full moon, so she was swirling and twirling for all of her admirers when she fell in love with a man who has become consumed by her light. She wanted to help him work through his heavy heart, so she she stayed way up in the sky shining her light. She was so carried away that she didn't notice the sun was coming out. She got trapped by the suns rays and bound to the earth. She now walks the earth, enchanting those who look upon her with her luminescent glow.

Poly Onyx

Ruby Lava


Sapphire Von Karfire

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Tottie Wolff Tourmaline